The Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 requires the City to compile an ‘Inventory’ of places within the City of South Perth which are of local cultural heritage significance.  The current Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) was last considered by the Council in February 2006.  Minor changes were made, but on the whole, the Council decided not to update the MHI until a heritage policy has been adopted.  The required heritage policy is currently being prepared, before being considered by the Council and advertised for community comment.

The MHI remains current, as at 28 February 2006.  It contains a wide variety of places, including parks, houses, shops, churches, schools and monuments.  Not all of the places are valued for their ‘historic’ interest.  There are several cultural heritage significance criteria for including places in the MHI.  These criteria include:

• Aesthetic value
• Historic value
• Rarity value
• Representative value
• Scientific value
• Social value

Places are rated according to their:
• Aesthetic value
• Architectural merit
• Condition
• Integrity
• Rarity
• Value as part of a group or precinct

Part A: The Process

Part B: The Thematic Framework

Part C: The Inventory

The following Municipal Heritage Inventory folders contain places resolved by Council in February 2006:

Index of places by street name
Precinct 1          Mill Point                     (MPt)
Precinct 2          South Perth Central    (SPCnt)
Precinct 3          South Perth Civic        (SPCv)
Precinct 4          Hurlingham                  (H)
Precinct 5          Arlington                      (A)
Precinct 6          Kensington                   (K)
Precinct 7          Collier                          (C)
Precinct 8          Como Beach                (CB)
Precinct 9          Como                          (Co)
Precinct 10        McDougall Park           (McPk)
Precinct 13        Salter Point                  (SPt)
Precinct 14        Waterford                     (W)
List of ‘Sites Only'

Supplements to Municipal Heritage Inventory

A Heritage in Names - The origin and meaning of street and place names in the City of South Perth

City of South Perth Coat of Arms

Elected and Administrative Leaders of the City of South Perth