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Street trees provide many benefits to the community and local streetscapes including:

  • protecting against cold and hot winds
  • reducing glare
  • providing habitat for fauna
  • adding moisture and oxygen to the air
  • removing carbon dioxide.

Street trees can enhance streets, add to property values and reduce stormwater run off into nearby rivers.

How Do I Get a Street Tree?

You can request a tree for your verge by downloading a Street Tree Request Form or submitting a request online. Contact the City on 9474 0777 for more information or enquiries.

The City’s Street Tree Management Plan determines which species of tree is planted in your street. City officers determine the appropriate alignment and spacing for each tree.

Trees are planted in winter and the City waters them for their first two summers. Residents are encouraged to provide extra water if necessary during hot dry periods.

All street tree maintenance is carried out by the City; it is an offence for anyone to prune or remove a street tree. Records are kept of all the 15,000-plus street trees in the City.

Trees of Special Significance

A number of street, park and private trees have been deemed trees of Special Significance to the City when they have met certain criteria. These trees are given a Tree Preservation Order. A list can be viewed at the City’s offices.

For more information about street trees, contact the City on 9474 0777.

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